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In 2018 I was invited by Inscape Arts in Seattle to create an artwork that responded to the history of their building as a former INS building. So, in response, I created a ten foot long map titled, A Portable Homeland, that challenges the more traditional notion of homeland as a particular place and instead, depicts it as a boundaryless place of space and time.

In this piece, I use the imagery of a map, unscrolled on a table, to explore my inscape, or internal landscape of time, place and spirituality. This inner-space is also deeply affected by the landscape around me — the grey-green of the pines and the blue-grey of the clouds. This scroll depicts a place that is very personal and intimate, yet, also, a place of collective experience — interconnected and cosmic.

More images can be seen at: A Gallery

An article about the first installation of this piece at Inscape, written by Jacob Tully, appeared in the winter issue of "The Summit, News From and For the Washington GIS Community." You can read it here: A Portable Homeland - Mapping as Art & Seattle's Inscape Gallery