Karey Kessler

the Mystery, ink and watercolor on Hanji paper on panel, 30”x40”, 2022

Shift Gallery
Sept. 1– Oct. 1, 2022
Opening Sept. 1, 5-8pm
Artist Talk Sept. 10, 1pm
Closing/meet the artist Oct. 1, 2pm-4pm

Solastalgia means grief or distress for the vanishing wilderness and for environmental destruction. Human activity has become as powerful as a geological force, and it feels like we are wandering without a map to tell us what to do about the environmental changes happening around us. For the past year and a half, I've been working on this series of map-paintings that I call “imaginary topographies of a vanishing wilderness.” Using traditional fine art materials such as watercolor, archival ink, stencils, stamps, and freehand writing I create map-paintings that contain ideas about physical places, but also spiritual, internal, and temporal spaces as well. The maps tell a story of vulnerability and connect the urgency of the climate crisis, to the humbling expanse of geologic time, and to the vastness of the cosmos.